American Samoa Colleges Guide

The territory of American Samoa is officially considered an unincorporated territory of the United States, meaning that it is not administered or governed by America but is still its property. American Samoa is located north of Australia and the state of Samoa. Parts of the territory include the islands of Tutuila, the Manu'a Islands, Rose Atoll, and Swains Island. The territory is not very highly populated, with a total of 57,291 people living in the territory. Education in the region is somewhat limited as far as the institutions of higher education, since there is only one community college on the islands.

American Samoa's employment opportunities are spread out evenly among three different sectors. About 5000 workers are employed within each area of the economy; these being the public sector, the lone tuna cannery in the area, and the various other private sector jobs within areas like tourism and health services. Most of the population lives within the area of the capital, Pago Pago, and this is where a large amount of jobs are located.

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  • Accounting (Associate Degree)
  • Accounting (Award of at least 1 but less than 2 academic years)
  • Agribusiness/Agricultural Business Operations (Associate Degree)
  • Agriculture, General (Associate Degree)
  • Architectural Drafting and Architectural CAD/CADD (Award of at least 1 but less than 2 academic years)
Pago Pago, AS