Taking a Trip to a College

Visiting a campus is a great way to decide if one particular school is a good fit for your needs. There is no doubt that modern websites can provide a lot of information through online brochures, videos and pictures. But nothing can substitute for your own eyes and ears visiting the campus and soaking up everything. Here are some ways to make the trip more profitable for you.

Pick the Right Time for the Visit

The best time to go to a college or university campus is either the fall period when you are a senior in high school or the spring period when you are a junior in high school. After seeing how the college functions in full swing you can make a better decision about which school best fits your needs.

Take Advantage of the Tour

Colleges and universities will provide you with a guide that will take not only but other potential students and the parents of all the students on a walking tour of the campus. The guide will take you around to the different highlights of the school and offer some historical information. The focus of the tour is to demonstrate what makes this school different from other universities and colleges. The tours typically need to be reserved so it is a good idea to contact the school and get the upcoming tour schedule.

Take Your Own Trip

A guided tour is a nice starting point but there is no way it can show you every part of the college. After finishing the tour get a map of the various buildings. Pick out the locations that are likely to house the classes for your intended major and take a stroll through the different classrooms. Find out ahead of time if the school allows student visitors to attend a couple of classes and monitor the teacher's style.

It would also be a good idea to pay a visit to the admissions counselor and take some time to ask them some questions. Take your transcript along with you and get your questions in order before hand.

Ask Questions of Students

Students that are currently enrolled in the college are a great source of information. They can give you an insight about the great points of the school as well as shed some light on things that are not quite so great. This type of open conversation may be the perfect way to really answer the question “Is this school right for me?”

Tour Online

If the school is a long distance from you then an online visit might be a better method of visiting the school. Several colleges and universities are taking advantage of digital media by offering a video of a real tour and also meeting with students over chat videos.

Online Schools (13)

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  • Advertising (Bachelor's degree)
  • Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects (Bachelor's degree)
  • Apparel and Accessories Marketing Operations (Bachelor's degree)
  • Commercial Photography (Bachelor's degree)
  • Computer Graphics (Bachelor's degree)
Ottawa University Online Program offerings:
  • Business Administration and Management, General (Master's degree)
  • Business Administration and Management, General (Bachelor's degree)
  • Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration (Bachelor's degree)
  • Curriculum and Instruction (Master's degree)
  • Educational Administration and Supervision, Other (Master's degree)