Looking at Different Types of Universities and Colleges

The various universities and colleges that adorn the towns and cities of America are as different and unique as the people that attend them. One way to eliminate colleges from your search is to determine the type of school that will meet not only your academic goals but also provide you with a great social experience.

The type of degree you are seeking will play a big role in the school that you choose. Certificates, associate's degree, bachelor's degree and master's degree all have different requirements and can be earned at multiple places.

College or University

A college or university is often referred to as a 4 year institution even though some degrees may take longer to complete. A bachelor's degree usually takes 4 years to complete while a master's degree may take 5 or 6 years and a doctorate can take 7 years or longer to complete.

Students usually have the option to pick a degree or major from a large range of subjects. Some schools even offer specialized degrees that focus on a subset of an industry. One appealing trait of these types of schools is the lively atmosphere of the campus. Many students live in student housing located right on the campus while some students choose to find a rental place close by.

A university, or college, may be classified as a private school or as a public institution. The public schools receive some of their funding from their home state. Private schools receive the majority of the operating revenue from the tuition charged to students as well as donations from generous benefactors. For this reason a public school is often times much cheaper than a private school.

The higher tuition does not always mean that the private school has better facilities. There are a number of public schools that offer top notch research labs and access to cutting edge technology to perform experiments and develop the devices that will be used in many walks of life.

Junior Colleges

One distinguishing characteristic of a junior college is the type of degrees offered. These schools offer an associate's degree that can generally be earned in two years. Many of these schools also offer specialized certifications aimed at a particular type of job.

Some people choose to attend a junior college in order to complete their core class requirements and then transfer to a college or university and finish up a bachelor's degree or higher degree.

A number of individuals have taken advantage of the flexible schedules and inexpensive classes provided at a junior college to learn more about certain industries and decide on their ultimate career path.

Career Schools

People that are focused on a certain technical job or trade may choose to attend a career school. These schools offer numerous certificates to candidates that successfully complete a certain number of classes. These schools usually do not require students to complete any core classes or electives. Instead, all of the class work and hands on learning is centered on the one trade or skill. This allows people to finish the classes in a short amount of time, often 6 months to 18 months.

Graduate College

The vast majority of graduate programs are a portion of a much larger university or college. The main requirement for being accepted into a graduate program is the successful completion of a bachelor's degree. Students have the option of earning a graduate degree from the same school where they received their bachelor's degree or they can choose to attend another school. The different graduate degrees include a master's degree, MBA, doctorate degree or medical degree.

Religious Based Schools

There are numerous private schools associated with a particular religious sect. Many of these schools offer degrees comparable to a 4 year college or university. One main difference is the usual requirement that students complete either extra religious based classes or extracurricular work in pursuit of their degree.

Online Colleges

People that currently have a full time job or several restraints on their time look to online schools to complete their degree. Students can pick and choose the classes based on their available time. At one time some schools only offered certain classes online and required students to attend a live classroom for tests. However, that has changed in recent years. Students now have the option to complete all of their work directly online and receive a degree without ever setting foot in the classroom of the college.

Military Based School

There are a handful of colleges that provide bachelor programs in a military type setting. The majority of the graduates enlist in the military full time after graduation. Some of these schools receive funds from the federal government while other schools are private schools. Students that have participated in either ROTC programs or a military prep institution usually have a good chance of being accepted into military colleges.

Online Schools (13)

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  • Advertising (Bachelor's degree)
  • Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects (Bachelor's degree)
  • Apparel and Accessories Marketing Operations (Bachelor's degree)
  • Commercial Photography (Bachelor's degree)
  • Computer Graphics (Bachelor's degree)
Ottawa University Online Program offerings:
  • Business Administration and Management, General (Master's degree)
  • Business Administration and Management, General (Bachelor's degree)
  • Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration (Bachelor's degree)
  • Curriculum and Instruction (Master's degree)
  • Educational Administration and Supervision, Other (Master's degree)