Where Can I Find the Common Application?

Every school has their own unique way of making students apply to their institution. Some make prospective students fill out many forms and write several essays while others make it as simple as possible just to get the correct impression of the student. But what if a few schools accepted the same application? That’s what the Common Application is for.

Most schools, especially big public schools make you fill out generic form after form when applying to their school. They make you fill out specialized essays that are generalized to some degree for use by a very large pool of applicants. Private schools tend to be different. Their applications tend to be more involved and specialized. They aren’t trying to appeal to nearly as large of an audience. However, if you get bored or annoyed at filling out all these specialized applications that require a bunch of different essays, then the Common Application is probably for you.

The Common Application can be found at www.commonapp.org and is specifically made to showcase the common app and all its benefits. Using the common application, you just have to write one essay and fill out one application to be able to apply to a bunch of different schools. Mostly private schools use this way of applying as most state schools stick to their guns with their own applications but this clearly looks like the wave of the future.

By using the common application, you save time and can apply to pretty much as many schools as you want. Gone are the days when you couldn’t apply to as many schools as you desire simply because you were bogged down by school work. Now you just fill out one application and send it to most of the schools you’re interested in.

Sure there will some out there that still have not embraced the benefits of the common application, but they’ll eventually come around to at least consider it. There’s really no downside to it. If more specialized private schools can use the most generalized application out there, then certainly it will be okay for state schools that are naturally appealing to many more prospective students.

The common application puts everybody on the same plane and is revolutionizing the way students in high school apply to college. Sure you can’t apply to every school this way, but with most it is possible, so get out there and start applying at commonapp.org!

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