Students Being Recruited for Athletics

Many students in high school play sports solely for the dream of one day getting to play Division I collegiate athletics. While it is highly unlikely that this dream will come true for any of these students, there are in fact some that are going to be recruited by college programs. So, what should you do as a parent when this happens to your child? Read on to find out.

Parents, especially those highly involved in their children's athletics, are always trying to get their kids in the best possible position to be visible and available to college recruiters whether their kid is good enough or not. But unfortunately the fact of the matter is that only the best of the best, the cream of the crop, are going to be recruited at all to play any kind of college sport, and even then most of them are going to be offered nowhere near a full ride scholarship to college.

If your child gets offers to play Division I football or basketball, just get ready for collegiate recruiters to be all over your household and calling you as much as the NCAA will allow. They want to make sure that you know who they are and are considering them for your child’s academic life after high school. These two sports are going to offer you a full ride scholarship most of the time provided the school has any kind of funding for their program and if the team’s any good, all the players will be on full scholarships so you’ll have nothing to worry about. But what about other sports?

If your kid is getting offers to play sports like baseball and lacrosse, there will be some scholarships out there but really only the best programs are going to offer any kind of sizable scholarship. The same goes for other sports like track, hockey and pretty much the rest of the smaller-scale sports. Football and basketball are the money making sports so those athletes are going to be treated the best. Just be prepared if your child is not offered a full scholarship.

Most sports out there, contrary to popular belief, aren’t going to offer your kid a full ride or anything really close to it. Sure some sports and some coaches will make you promises, just be prepared when they start breaking them. Just know this going into the collegiate recruiting experience: nothing, and I mean nothing, is guaranteed.

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