How Can I Find Out What Scholarships My Child Can Get?

Scholarship availability can influence your decision as to where to go to college. Especially if you're qualified and not looking into any loans that you’ll have to pay back eventually. Free tuition assistance can really make your decision for you. So what should you know before applying to schools? There are a lot of ways to be able to project what kind of scholarships you’re going to get and I’m here to tell you what to use.

The first thing you can do to see your scholarship eligibility is to look on your chosen school’s website to see what scholarships they offer and what GPA and SAT scores are needed to be able to qualify. Usually schools have very specific details on their sites that will pretty much tell you before it’s official what kind of scholarships you’ll be able to get. They won’t have any information on loans simply because that’s the field of the federal government with the FAFSA and based on need.

Another thing to know is that just because a school has a bigger sticker price doesn’t mean it will actually cost more. Most out of state public schools will only give very small awards in terms of scholarships simply because they really don’t have that much money to offer their own state's students, much less another’s. Big private schools, especially those with large endowments, will have much bigger financial rewards to give their students which could potentially make those schools cheaper.

The College Board offers a financial planning and scholarship search on their website. This is just another reason this is the prime website to look over when applying to college. You can search for scholarships based on certain criteria including location and academic scores. You will be certain to find ones you never even thought of.

There is also the matter of local scholarships that you can apply to as the national ones are usually listed on College Board. They usually won’t be that much in terms of money but can easily help offset the cost of books and living expenses in college.

There really are a lot of tools at your disposal when it comes to college and scholarships. There are a lot of them being offered around out there that you probably didn’t even know about so it’s your job by using this guide and searching to get out there and find them! you may be surprised as to what you'll find!

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