Help With Application Essays

Applying to college can be one of the most stressful activities you’ll ever have in your teenage years. You always have to work on whether your grades will be good enough for certain schools or how you’re going to do on your SAT. But one of the most underrated parts of the application process can really be difficult for many applicants: the application essay.

It’s relatively easy to pick which schools you’re going to apply to. Generally you look at your grades and your SAT score and see which schools are located in your general area or ones that you're interested in specifically, and then match them up. There can also be other variables such as where your parents went and where you have family located. But the essays for all these different schools can also be very different and each have their own specific theme or topic.

The easiest way to get around this problem is to use the Common Application. Used mostly for private schools, this is used as one application for many different schools. You still have to pay an application fee for every school but you only have to fill out one and can send it to as many different schools as possible. But what about the rest of the schools out there? Is there any way of getting help with their essays?

Barring unforeseen circumstances, you’re probably not going to know what a school’s application essay consists of until you actually fill out the application. You can go to your guidance counselor for some help and usually they will just give you general guidance but nothing specific. Some counselors however will in fact fill out the app with you in their office so you can ask for whatever tips and tricks you need while they’re sitting right there next to you.

There are also websites you can go to like College Board that give all the information you could find very useful for applying to college. They’ll teach you how to fill out the application and what exactly schools are looking for on your application essay.

There’s really no way to know exactly what’s going to be on your application essay and how much you’re going to have to write but you can go to the Internet and your guidance counselor and they probably can give you the most help when it comes to application essays and how to properly write them.

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