Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

The Coast Guard Tuition Assistance program isn’t the same as all the others. They will not pay for all 100% of your tuition and fees and have other differences as well. But is it worth it to join the branch of the military that traditionally is not involved as much as the others? Do you want less money but give less of a commitment? But don’t get me wrong this one really isn’t that different in the big picture.

First of all, the Coast Guard will pay 100% of your tuition. Whatever it costs to go to school, they’ll pay for it. However, the fees such as enrollment and lab will not be covered by the coast guard. Therefore, a student may have to take out loans or rely on scholarships to pay for their education. The Coast Guard won’t pay for as much as branches like the Army and Navy. They are a less important branch of the military and act like it in this respect.

You also don’t have to be on duty to receive the benefits necessary. You can be an officer or on duty personnel like in the other branches but being an off duty civilian member of the Coast Guard is also entitled to the same benefits. The Coast Guard has standardized the benefits of all members of their tuition assistance program no matter who you are.

However, when in college, some students will take lower level classes that anyone can take to improve their GPA. When they are lower than the freshman level classes, the Coast Guard just won’t pay for them unless they are needed as in the case of not qualifying for the calculus classes. When that student has to take pre-calc, the Coast Guard will pay for it. But they will not pay for unit specific classes or requirements such as things like flight time. The Coast Guard doesn’t seem to like to pay for its own requirements.

The Coast Guard is regarded as a lesser branch in the military and acts as such by not paying the fees for the students in its tuition assistance program. You won’t have to do as much for this money, but you also won’t get as much as with the Army and Navy. 

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