Air Force Tuition Assistance

Are you looking to go into the military? Do you want your college paid for by the military? Then the Air Force might be for you. It’ll pay for all of it and is one of the most important reasons for enlisting in the Air Force according to those currently in the program. But do you want this particular branch of the military or a different one? Read on to see if this one is for you.

The Air Force tuition assistance program is described as an important quality of life program by the Air Force. They believe that it will go on to make their personnel have better lives in the long run. It’s worth it to them to have their people live well in their future.

But while you’re in the program, the Air Force will pay for every dime of your tuition and fees required by your personal institution of higher education. One of the most popular reasons among Air Force tuition assistance program members for reenlistment in the military is this very program. They believe, like the Air Force, that it is very important over their lives to have a college degree and have no loans to show for it. They’re willing to make the sacrifices necessary to join the Air Force.

Like the other branches of the military, the Air Force has its own requirements for its tuition assistance as well. They’re mainly just little requirements that most should meet such as not missing any grades two months after a course ends or missing any personal data in the education files. This is obviously stuff that everybody should have so there are no problems there.

You also can’t request tuition assistance for courses that have already started or are far in the future but these seem to be obvious. However, the big thing is that the Air Force will not pay for a degree if you already have one equal or higher to it. The only way to get a new degree with tuition assistance is to aim higher. They do make exceptions for community colleges though. But you can’t get another bachelor’s degree if you already have one or another master’s. If you have one, that’s it.

The Air Force tuition assistance program doesn’t have that many requirements and those that it does have are not that stringent. If you want a program in the military that is pretty laid back, this is probably the one for you. There are tougher ones with more accountability but for those not looking for anything that intense, look to the Air Force.

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