Military Benefits Guide

You, as a student headed off to college wonder how to survive all the financial problems caused by high tuition? There have to be other ways besides taking out all kinds of weird loans from companies of ill repute. But how?

Then you see all those guys walking around campus in military uniforms. They’re always together, always doing something while in their fatigues. But why do they do it? It turns out that many of them have the same kinds of concerns as most other students attending college in this day and age. Most of them are doing it to serve their country while also getting tremendous amounts of benefits from their military service.

With the economy in shambles right now, kids are doing all kinds of different things to get through college owing as little money as possible. The military is one very interesting option. It may not be for everyone but the benefits can be tremendous and change your life. Military personnel are getting a bad rap these days for what’s going on overseas, but you as a college student shouldn’t turn away these kinds of benefits without at least looking into it. So how do the branches of the military differ in terms of college benefits and which is for you? Read this guide on college military benefits to find out.

Reserve Tuition Assistance

It may be news to you, but you don’t have to be an on-duty soldier to be eligible for tuition assistance through the military. However, the branch of reserves you belong to decides what kind you get and how you get it. So what does your chosen branch offer its reservists and is there a better option out there? Read on to find out.

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Navy Tuition Assistance

The Navy is one of the most influential branches of the United States military. It’s waged huge battles and won throughout its history and has been massively important. But is that enough for you? No? Maybe not, but the benefits that it offers are extremely valuable. However, if stringent qualifications for the tuition aren’t for you, the Navy might not be either.

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National Guard Tuition Assistance

The National Guard is different throughout the states and even has different divisions in its own ranks. This is what sets it apart from all the other branches of military. The branches tend to have different qualifications for the tuition assistance but the National Guard has differences throughout its own country. But how much different are they and is the program worth it based on these differences?

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Marine Corps Tuition Assistance

While the Marines may be known as a more elite part of the Navy, they do have their own tuition assistance program. It has its similarities to the Navy program but also has characteristics of the seemingly opposite Air Force tuition program. But what makes it different? Why join the Marine Corps instead of one of those branches?

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Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

The Coast Guard Tuition Assistance program isn’t the same as all the others. They will not pay for all 100% of your tuition and fees and have other differences as well. But is it worth it to join the branch of the military that traditionally is not involved as much as the others? Do you want less money but give less of a commitment? But don’t get me wrong this one really isn’t that different in the big picture.

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Army Tuition Assistance

 The most popular and famous branch of the United States Military is no slouch when it comes to helping out their soldiers with college tuition. Many of their ads are focused on college kids and their package fails to disappoint. But is this branch for you? Do the benefits match up with what you’re seeking? Keep reading to find out.

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Air Force Tuition Assistance

Are you looking to go into the military? Do you want your college paid for by the military? Then the Air Force might be for you. It’ll pay for all of it and is one of the most important reasons for enlisting in the Air Force according to those currently in the program. But do you want this particular branch of the military or a different one? Read on to see if this one is for you.

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