Popular Programs for People Pursuing a Master’s Degree

A master’s degree has grown in popularity immensely over the past two decades.  The current number of people pursuing a master’s degree is double the number from 1980.  This trend is even exceeding the growth of people seeking out a bachelor’s or doctorate degree.  A master’s degree can help people move up in their current company to a better position or they can change careers altogether with the newfound knowledge.

Most people consider a master’s degree based on the potential of finding better employment immediately after graduation.  It goes without saying that you should consider a degree in an area that is naturally appealing to you.  However, you want to make sure that the extra cost and time spent earning the degree will pay off in a better employment situation.  The current hot spots include technology, education, business and health related services.

The following list represents some of the most sought after degrees currently among master’s degree students. 

  1. Continuing Education
  2. Business Administration
  3. Health Services Administration
  4. Human Resources
  5. Educational Administration
  6. Accounting
  7. Healthcare Administration
  8. Educational Leadership
  9. Finance
  10. Counseling Psychology
  11. Public Administration
  12. Information Science
  13. Financial Planning
  14. Computer Networking
  15. Educational Media Design
  16. Marketing
  17. Computer Network Security
  18. Management Information Systems
  19. Teacher Education
  20. Instruction and Curriculum Supervisor