Why Get to Know Your Academic Advisors?

Higher education brings together students with diverse personal and educational backgrounds. But those different backgrounds can stand in the way of success once distance learning students realize they must adjust to a standardized curriculum. That’s why schools hire academic advisors.

Academic advisors help ease students’ transition to the standardized curriculum. They understand the diversity in students’ backgrounds and learning methods and know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to common student concerns. That’s why they take time to understand each student’s unique needs and concerns, and from there, devise a personalized plan of action.

What else can they do?

They can offer advice on choosing a career path to students who haven’t yet decided upon one. They can help transferring students determine which previously-earned credits are transferrable, which are not, and the additional courses these students need to fulfill their online learning program or degree requirements.

They can do even more, but not until you let them know that you want their help. So do yourself and your distance learning education a favor and ask for it.