Distance Learning Preparation and Success

While similar in many ways, distance learning differs from traditional learning in several key ways. The articles in the section provide an overview of the differences students are likely to encounter, and helpful advice for easing into the transition. Most students will be enrolled in distance learning for several years or more. That’s a long and expensive undertaking. So the more students understand and prepare for the differences, the more successful they’ll be at meeting new friends, communicating online, researching and completing assignments, and more.

Student Organizations and Clubs

What’s a great way to meet others with similar interests and advance your education and career goals, all while still enrolled in distance learning? Find out by reading this article.

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Get to Know Your Advisors

Academic advisors are full of advice that can help you achieve your distance learning educational goals. Do you know what type of advice they have to offer?

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Managing Group Assignments

You might not think working on group projects is possible in a distance learning environment. But it is, and it requires similar coordination and effort.

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Good Online Research Sources

If you have any Internet experience at all, you’ve already figured out that not every web site is what it claims. How do you know the good sites from the bad, especially when searching for reliable sources of information?

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Distance Learning Friendship Building Suggestions

If you think you won’t make friends in your distance learning classes, you’re wrong. If you try, you can make friends in your online classes as easily as you can on social media sites. Read

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Seven Forum Posting Tips

With distance learning, you don’t physically attend your classes. So how will you participate in group discussions and clarify confusing issues? By putting your questions, comments, and thoughts in writing.

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Ten Ways to Prepare for Your First Day of Distance Learning

In Real Estate, it’s all about location, location, location. With distance learning, the key to getting off on the right foot is preparation, preparation, preparation.

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Essentials for Home Study

Kids, dogs, neighbors, and household noises can be serious impediments to distance learning success. Increase the effectiveness of at-home study by following this useful advice.

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