Transferring Online Course Credits to Other Institutions

Transferring Online Course Credits to Other Institutions

During the process of fulfilling degree requirements, many of us attend more than one learning institution. We may have earned college level courses while in high school, or general education courses at online schools or smaller, less expensive community colleges that we want to transfer to other traditional or online learning degree programs. No matter what type of institution we’re transferring from, we all would like credits already earned to accompany us.

If you’re like most transfer students, you want to get maximum credit for courses you’ve already taken. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Usually, transfer students don’t have any trouble transferring high school level AP or CLEP credits. These credits are generally standardized and consequently, are easily transferrable.

When trouble usually begins

The problems with transferability typically begin when transferring to/from institutions that have varying standards and accreditation. Rather than trying to figure out on your own what’s transferrable, and whether the credits that do transfer will count towards the degree you’re pursuing at the new institution, ask for help. That’s what admission counselors and academic advisors are there for. They’ll tell you the steps you need to take to determine transfer credit eligibility.

You’ll probably need to complete a form which can be obtained online, submit it, and wait for a determination regarding transfer or substitute credit eligibility. Oftentimes, school administrators will need to carefully evaluate transferring credits before making a determination, so be patient.

Get involved

And remember, different schools have different policies that must be followed. So don’t be surprised if you don’t get the outcome you think you deserve. For your best chance at getting the maximum credits transferred, make it a point to work closely with the people in charge of determining transfer eligibility to resolve any outstanding issues. These people want you to be successful, and will do their best to accommodate your needs while balancing the needs and requirements of their respective institutions.