Getting Started with Online Education

The best first step you can make when choosing an online school is to get all the facts.  This section of articles will be a valuable resource in addressing the questions you may have in regards to which programs to choose, what requirements those programs have and how well the programs fit into your personal life.  At the end of the day we hope these articles will create a better understanding of exactly what lies in front of you as you embark on your educational journey with online education.

Earning a Graduate Degree Online

As our culture continues to expand and learn more about the world around us the need for knowledge continues to increase. For this reason more people are returning to college to pursue a graduate degree.

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Distance Learning Basics

Intrigued by all that distance learning has to offer? You’re not alone. Students young and old are getting their degrees online and you can, too!

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Choosing a Distance Learning Program

When it comes to your education, making the wrong choice could have long-lasting effects. But with so many distance learning options, it’s difficult to know if you’re making the right choice. That’s why we’ve assembled this helpful guide.

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Distance Learning Preparation

The transition from traditional school to an online learning environment is difficult for some, scary for others. But this new way of learning is also a lot of fun. This guide offers invaluable advice for taking those all important first steps towards distance learning success. Look inside for tips on everything from setting up the home environment to building a social network.

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