You Need a Degree in the Recession

As you probably know, the country’s been mired in a recession the last couple of years and tons of people have been losing their jobs. There are few signs of improvement and you may even lose your job if this administration doesn't figure things out. So the first thing you’re going to need to do is go to college and get a degree. The world has shifted and what you get for graduating high school just isn’t going to cut it anymore. College is where you need to be. 

When you graduate college, what you have been trained in almost doesn’t seem to matter as much as what kind of degree you have. Sometimes just any degree will do. When you submit your first resumes to jobs after graduating, they aren’t going to ask what specifics you’ve been trained in at least until the interview. What they’ll see is what kind of degree you’ve achieved and how you did within that discipline.

If you just show up with a high school diploma on your resume, employers naturally are going to assume that you really haven’t been trained in anything and they’ll probably be right. Most high schools just teach all their students in general education fields and help them sample each one to see what they like. They aren’t being trained for real life or even college. High school just acts as a way for students to see what they are interested in without getting too invested.

Unfortunately, that probably isn’t going to help you when you go out and try to get a job. People are going to want to know you just by looking at your resume. You can be a savant in whatever field you’re interested in, but really nobody’s going to know that just based on your high school degree.

With tons of people losing their jobs in the world today simply because employers cannot afford to pay them, it’s in your best interests to go get as high a degree as possible. The more specialized you are, the harder it’s going to be to replace you. Maybe unskilled jobs will make a comeback after we recover, but don’t bank on it. They're all going overseas. 


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