The Value of Higher and Higher Degrees

Many families out there are preaching to their children how they have to study and do their work to be able to go to college.  At the same time throughout their kids' childhood, parents are saving all their money to be able to send their kids off to college one day. This seems like a very admirable goal. However, there’s one big problem with all of this: what happens if said child decides to still go to school after the first four years of college? And why do they want to do it? It can throw plans out the window, but be worth it in the end. 

The financial thing really won’t be that much of a problem to most families. Sure you’ll have to take out tons of loans and hope for as many scholarships as possible, but if you get any kind of financial aid at all, you’ll probably be able to pay for college in some manner. You may end up having to pay back those loans years later with a lot of interest tacked on to them but that’s the cost you pay to get your degree.

The other problem is what happens when you want to go to college beyond the traditional four years? These may cost a very large amount of money to both you and your parents but you’ll probably get a huge value out of these years more than any others. If you successfully go to graduate school and find a way to get that lucrative job you’ve always wanted, you’ll easily be able to pay back whatever loans you may have acquired over the years. It may still take awhile, but the higher the degree you have, the easier it will probably be to pay back those loans in larger chunks. It all can even out. 

As you get a higher and higher kind of degree, the pay will probably increase in whatever field you are in. You’ll be qualified for all kinds of jobs that you could have never dreamed of before with just a bachelor’s. You can become the boss and won’t have to answer to anybody. The world will become your oyster simply because you went to school for those extra few years to get that slightly higher degree.

It really pays to go to school for as long as possible. Sure you’ll end up paying more in the short term but over time, it’ll all probably be worth it. Not everyone comes out on top, but the longer you go to college, the more likely it is. 

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