The Devaluing of High School Degrees

High school degrees used to be all you needed to be able to get by in the world. Sure you weren’t going to become any kind of high powered lawyer or miracle working doctor but at least you could make a living to support your family and everyone around you. But alas those days are long since passed. High school degrees have been greatly devalued by college degrees. You can't live without one. 

Today pretty much everyone in the country is going to some form of college. It used to be that just graduating high school was something of a goal but in today’s world, that’s just a formality provided you try at all. The college degree has essentially become the equivalent of what the high school degree used to be and unfortunately for many, you have to have one to be able to do anything in the world.

Not all college degrees are like this though. If you are specialized in something like engineering or economics, you’ll probably be able to find some sort of job after graduating college, but these kinds of students are fairly rare. A majority either have to go to graduate school to get whatever specialized degree they want or already graduated with some kind of liberal arts degree just to say they got something out of it all. They haven’t been specialized in anything in particular and are pretty much useless to the outside world. It’s remarkably similar to what the high school degree used to be.

However, while the bachelor’s degree doesn’t teach you anything in particular, it does carry a lot of cache that the high school degree doesn’t. Just by graduating college you show that you have gone through a level of higher education and are more qualified than those who just went to high school. That’s the main reason the bachelor’s has replaced the high school degree: prestige of higher education. Many of the people coming out of college these days aren’t trained for anything but they are able to get the office jobs while high school graduates have to work the unskilled jobs.

Getting your degree can be one of the most valuable experiences of your life for this very reason. Getting specialized is always a plus but even a generic liberal arts degree can really help you out in the world. Just any kind of college degree is worth something and certainly more than just one of the high school variety.

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