The College Experience

Pretty much all the people in your life who attended college, no matter who or for how long, will tell you that those years are going to be the best ones of your life. Parents, relatives, older friends and nearly anybody else who you listen to will wax poetic about what they did in college and how they loved every second of it. The partying, drinking and all around good times will be something you can cherish forever. There’s really no time in your life that you’ll love as much as the college experience.

Colleges will preach to you about how much work and due diligence is required to be able to graduate on time. They talk about how studying must be above all else or you’re going to fail out of college and that’s why they have so many academic programs that are essentially just in place to keep students in line and out of trouble. Universities run pretty much all the student life programs, even if you don’t actually see them doing it. They want to make sure that students have their boundaries and put studying about all else. Going out drinking for an entire weekend is not something your college has on the agenda. 

But even though everyone else has probably already told you this, there’s really not going to be any other time in your life when studying is going to matter less. In high school teachers would just bombard you with homework to make sure that you had academics placed above all else. You very well could’ve failed if you didn’t do what the teachers told you. After college, you’re going to have to work a real job with pretty much no hope of having any kind of fun except on the weekends. College is a whole different experience.

In college, you can have fun any night of the week at any time. You just have to know where the party is. But there will be parties, bars, activities and whatever you could possibly think of everywhere on a college campus and there are students and others to interact with everywhere around you. There’s really never a dull moment while you’re in college. Just embrace everything around you in college because it’s likely that nothing’s ever going to be that fun again. Real life sucks. 

Online Schools (13)

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  • Advertising (Bachelor's degree)
  • Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects (Bachelor's degree)
  • Apparel and Accessories Marketing Operations (Bachelor's degree)
  • Commercial Photography (Bachelor's degree)
  • Computer Graphics (Bachelor's degree)
Ottawa University Online Program offerings:
  • Business Administration and Management, General (Master's degree)
  • Business Administration and Management, General (Bachelor's degree)
  • Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration (Bachelor's degree)
  • Curriculum and Instruction (Master's degree)
  • Educational Administration and Supervision, Other (Master's degree)