Job Prospects With No College Degree

You’ve heard many success stories of people who have dropped out of college or just haven’t gone at all. They somehow, against the odds, make millions or billions of dollars by coming up with their own brilliant ideas. So naturally, if you don’t go to college, you’ll be able to achieve the same things, right? Right? Wrong.

Well it turns out that people like Mark Zuckerberg who make tremendous amounts of money despite not graduating college were either already specialized in a field, as Bill Gates was with computers, or just thought of some kind of brilliant idea. Chances are that you, a random person out there, won’t have an earth shattering idea that will change the way every person out there has come to think. It’s far more likely that your job prospects will consist of nothing but manual labor or something equally ubiquitous. 

The best you can hope for if you don’t graduate college, barring a brilliant idea, is to become a plumber or mechanic. Those people, since they gain their specialization through real world experience, can charge essentially whatever they want. They learned through their daily lives the equivalent of what would be taught in a college. Unfortunately, those two jobs are pretty much the only ones where you will be able to make a great living without a college degree. The rest of you are in trouble.

There’s a very high likelihood that you’re going to end up working in some sort of unskilled job after high school if you have never set foot on a college campus and don’t get your degree. You’ll probably end up working as some sort of stockperson or forklift operator just because there’s really nothing else you’re qualified to do and the worst part is that there are millions of other people out there with the same credentials as you that will probably work for less just to have some kind of job in this economy. It’s a terrible reality out there, but you won’t get paid much and will have no security without a degree.

The lesson here is to go to school and make sure you get that degree because your life will be much happier and more fulfilling with that it. It may seem intimidating, but it’s worth it in the end.

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