Be the First in Your Family to Graduate College

Families throughout the United States oftentimes only consist of high school graduates with maybe one or two college graduate outliers sprinkled in there and even those graduates probably lucked into some kind of scholarship somewhere. Those outliers are growing though as more and more families realize the importance of sending their kids to college no matter what. They're becoming the norm. So why are many students these days finally becoming the first in their families to graduate college? Is there something in the world today finally shifting the paradigm? Believe it or not, the world has changed. 

The first thing you have to know is that high school graduates really aren’t making their mark in the world anymore. Sure there are outliers like Bill Gates who are exceptions, not the rule, but they had tremendous credentials without graduating college. Obviously most kids today aren’t going to become billionaires like Gates though so they have to go farther in their education than ever before due to the devaluing of high school degrees and the growing importance of their college counterparts. College degrees have essentially made high school degrees worthless.

Families in the past usually were immigrants and just wanted their kids to focus on doing as much work with as much effort as humanly possible. These were the values they took to heart in the old country and believed would transfer over once they came to America and in the beginning it worked. America had many more unskilled jobs available where you could still make a decent wage. But as the country became more and more white collar, these jobs shrunk and became very hard to get for pretty much anyone, much less those with just high school degrees. They eventually got sent overseas to save the companies a little extra money and hurt the workers in the process.

The country has shifted over the last fifty years to become one that’s focused much more on office work rather than manual labor. To do this kind of management style work, you’re going to need a degree of some sort. Just working as hard as possible isn’t going to cut it anymore; you need to be trained in certain general areas to be able to make it in today’s white collar American world and the best way of doing that is through a college degree program.

Families are sending their first children to college these days and it is really paying off for them. Because of the de-emphasis on high school degrees, people are becoming more educated than ever before. In order to get any kind of high paying job, you're going to need a degree and most families are finally recognizing that.

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