Finishing College and Your Degree

Back in your parents’ days, you didn’t have to get a college degree to make it in the world. Anybody anywhere could just up and leave school with their whole lives and futures ahead of them. Unfortunately those days are no more. College degrees are becoming more and more important in today's world. The working world has placed a higher emphasis on finishing college and getting your degree. 

If you just graduate from high school and try to relive your parents’ lives, you’ll probably just end up working in manual labor or something equally unskilled. Sure there are exceptions to the rule but unfortunately there really isn’t that much money or prestige in unskilled labor, so going to college has become a necessity in today’s world.

Really any kind of degree that you receive will be perceived as a plus to employers. Obviously the higher you go, the more specialized you will become and more likely you will be to be able to get whatever job you desire whether it’s a lawyer, doctor, librarian or accountant. All of them have certain degree requirements. You can’t just decide to become a lawyer one day. You need to go to college for a decent amount of time to be able to get high paying jobs. It’s really for nothing except your benefit to get your degree. You're not going to help anybody out except in the short run by dropping out or just not attending, so just go to college. You very simply, to put it in plain terms, will not regret it. 

In this economy it’s becoming especially important to get your degree. Jobs are becoming harder and harder to come by and you don’t want to be left out in the cold simply because you weren’t particularly good or trained in any certain area. The unskilled people will always be the first to go simply because they can easily be replaced while if you have a degree, you hold a certain level of specialization that usually cannot easily be replaced. And the best part is that even if you are replaced, you can more easily find a job because of said specialization than someone competing against the unskilled masses. Items like health insurance and dental plans are much more easily attainable when you having more highly paying and prestigious jobs, so do yourself a favor and get specialized any way you can. 

So the point is stay in school and make sure that you’ll be able to get your degree. No matter how high up the ladder it is, any kind of degree will better your chances of a fulfilling professional life. 

The College Experience

Pretty much all the people in your life who attended college, no matter who or for how long, will tell you that those years are going to be the best ones of your life. Parents, relatives, older friends and nearly anybody else who you listen to will wax poetic about what they did in college and how they loved every second of it. The partying, drinking and all around good times will be something you can cherish forever. There’s really no time in your life that you’ll love as much as the college experience.

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Success with No Degree is an Exception

You always hear great stories from the media about people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who dropped out of college and still made their millions or billions. The media portrays them as wunderkinds who somehow succeeded against all the odds and made the world their oyster, not the other way around but what they don’t see is a bunch of potential college graduates eschewing the normal way of doing things, hoping they can become as successful as those they hear of on TV. But here’s some news: you need a degree. Those people are the exception, not the rule. 

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Just Get Your Degree

Many people just want you to go to college just because of how the experience will change you as a person. There's no doubt college will do this; you’ll grow up, learn how to live away from your parents and just gradually learn how the real world operates. However, while this experience will be completely invaluable to you as you grow as a person, just the degree you earn at the end of your college journey will probably be worth more. Personality is worth a lot to you, but money is worth a whole lot more.

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Be the First in Your Family to Graduate College

Families throughout the United States oftentimes only consist of high school graduates with maybe one or two college graduate outliers sprinkled in there and even those graduates probably lucked into some kind of scholarship somewhere. Those outliers are growing though as more and more families realize the importance of sending their kids to college no matter what. They're becoming the norm. So why are many students these days finally becoming the first in their families to graduate college? Is there something in the world today finally shifting the paradigm? Believe it or not, the world has changed.

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You Need a Degree in the Recession

As you probably know, the country’s been mired in a recession the last couple of years and tons of people have been losing their jobs. There are few signs of improvement and you may even lose your job if this administration doesn't figure things out. So what’s the first thing you’re going to need to do is go to college and get a degree. The world has shifted and what you get for graduating high school just isn’t going to cut it anymore. College is where you need to be.

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Specialized College Degrees

When you think of the generic, stereotypical college student, you probably think of someone who’s a hipster or is just drunk all the time. They just take generic general education classes and have no intention of doing anything with their lives. But these are only one portion of the college population. There are a whole bunch of others that do have ambition and want to make money and accomplish something. These people are getting specialized degrees. 

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Job Prospects with No College Degree

You’ve heard many success stories of people who have dropped out of college or who just haven’t gone at all. They somehow, against the odds, make millions or billions of dollars by coming up with their own brilliant ideas. So naturally, if you don’t go to college, you’ll be able to achieve the same things, right? Right? 

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The Devaluing of High School Degrees

High school degrees used to be all you needed to be able to get by in the world. Sure you weren’t going to become any kind of high powered lawyer or miracle working doctor but at least you could make a living to support your family and everyone around you. But alas those days are long since passed. High school degrees have been greatly devalued by college degrees. You can't live without one.

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Even an Associate’s Degree Can Help

Many people have thought about going to community college at some point in their high school careers. They see the low cost option and all the easy credits available and think to themselves how enrolling there could really save them a lot of money and make things easier on a lot of people. But something stops them along the way. It can be a variety of things but the fact is that something is keeping students away from community college, which really can be a valuable experience.

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The Value of Higher and Higher Degrees

Many families out there are preaching to their children how they have to study and do their work to be able to go to college. At the same time throughout their kids' childhood, parents are saving all their money to be able to send their kids off to college one day. This seems like a very admirable goal. However, there’s one big problem with all of this: what happens if said child decides to still go to school after the first four years of college? And why do they want to do it? It can throw a lot of plans out the window, but be worth it in the end. 

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