When it comes to your education, accreditation is key. Accreditation signifies that your training is relevant and extensive which is why individuals, institutions, and employers value it so highly. When choosing a distance learning institution, always chose one that is accredited and maintains high standards, even if pursuing an education for personal fulfillment. It’s the best way to ensure that the education you receive is a worthwhile investment of both your time and money.

National Accreditation

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to accreditation.  What’s the difference between Regional and National Accreditation, and does it matter to you?  The bottom line is it might matter a lot, so better to find out now!  You can get the simple answers here.

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Hybrid Accreditation

College is generally considered to be the best path to a successful career. Everyone knows that; but how can you be sure the program you want to attend is a reputable one? Hybrid accrediting agencies certify programs to ensure they teach the right skills to students.

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Regional Accreditation

For students, Accreditation might sound dull but it is important. Certain grants and bursaries won’t apply if you’re in an unaccredited program. Regionally Accredited institutions won’t always accept courses or degrees from Nationally Accredited schools, and neither will some employers. Save yourself some grief later and check that school out now.

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What Students Need to Know About Accreditation

Do you know the secret to getting a quality distance learning education, transfer credit, financial aid, and a fair chance at employment? You will after reading this series of information-packed articles.

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