The Most Well Known Accredited Online Colleges

Millions of people have attended accredited online colleges throughout their existence, no matter how recent it may be and three of the most popular universities clearly stand out. They are the University of Phoenix, DeVry, and Kaplan University. These are the three chief accredited online colleges that the most people attend and know of. Chances are that if you’re looking for an online only education these are the three schools you’re most likely to look into. But what exactly do they do and how are they perceived? What sets them apart?

Accredited Online Colleges with Campuses

Kaplan is probably the closest to a normal university as they do have some on campus classes and do many things in association with larger colleges. You can get pretty much any kind of degree from there, like the other two and come out okay. They aren’t a scam or anything like that but most people who attend Kaplan or places like it use it supplement or add on to classes they’ve taken at more widely accepted universities. They aren’t cheap either as their classes can cost upwards of a thousand dollars.

The Most Popular of Accredited Online Colleges

The next accredited online college is the University of Phoenix. This is the most popular accredited online school but is only ranked as number 28 of the 44 online only schools. However, over half a million people attend it so they must be doing something right. But they have been accused of compromising academic quality to make more money, so realize that this place will treat you more as a dollar sign than a person.

Technology Degrees

The last is DeVry. This university is mostly associated with technology degrees but they do offer more liberal arts programs as well. They have an extremely low admission standard, as do most of these schools, therefore making their degree worth less than most others.

Kaplan is probably the most widely accepted as good of these accredited online universities even though they all have their strong points and weaknesses. Based on the information above, choose wisely if you have to choose among the most popular accredited online colleges.