Are Online Universities Worth Your Time?

All of us can relate to just sitting down and watching TV on a lazy Sunday. Many of these people are looking at colleges, whether it be for their post secondary education or to just go back to school to get an extra certificate. Then the NFL games come on and one of the featured ones is at Arizona. Nothing out of the ordinary until you see who sponsors their stadium: The University of Phoenix. We’ve all seen their ads as well as other online only schools and wonder if anyone actually goes to them. The answer, shortly, is yes, many people attend online universities otherwise they would not have the money to purchase these ads.

The first thing you should known about this institution is that it is for-profit. They have a huge volume of students within their ranks and it is sometimes hard to feel like you are being given individual attention. Online schools are more bureaucratic and impersonal than brick and mortar institutions, which could either be an advantage or detriment, depending on the student's personality.

The qualifications for acceptance are the same as your local community college as they have an open admission policy, meaning you only need to show a high school equivalency or diploma to be accepted. This makes online college a very appealing prospect for people who did not have the ability to attend a university after graduating high school, and are currently working at a job. The flexibility of online schools is a great advantage for them.

Online colleges offer one drawback for some courses, as they do not provide students with the opportunity to engage in laboratory work. This is the most significant benefit that traditional universities still possess over online schools. Therefore, if you are considering a scientific major such as biology or chemistry, it may be better to pursue a traditional degree.

In conclusion, online colleges are a smart choice for a wide segment of the population, particularly people who are already employed, or enjoy a great deal of flexibility. Anyone can attend an online college and work towards a degree that will improve their job prospects and overall lives. The only reason for not attending an online school would be to get a taste for the traditional college experience or if you are pursuing a major with a heavy volume of laboratory work.