The Types of Students Who Attend Online Colleges

Think of all your friends from high school. Many of them went to community colleges, probably a really large number when you think about it. A lot of others probably went to the local big state school while others went to a bunch of smaller ones. The rich kids probably went out of state to some private schools while others went to specialized schools. But what about specifically online colleges? Where do they get their students from? It turns out this population is very large and growing but still not from traditional college student backgrounds.

The main groups of people going to online colleges are people well past college age. The University of Phoenix’s average student is in his mid-30s whereas most people start college right after graduated high school at age 18. A good number of these people are just there to receive special certification for their jobs. As new codes and laws get passed, workers have to keep achieving higher and higher credentials to keep working in their fields, which is where online colleges come in. They can attend classes around their work schedule. They get to keep working and become more qualified for their jobs at the same time. It’s a win win scenario. You really can’t go wrong with an online school in this scenario.

There are also the people who went straight into the workforce right after high school only to find that they could only get menial jobs. If you want to achieve anything worthwhile in life, you probably need some sort of degree and if you can get this while still working, you should go for it. That’s what many online university students these days do. Everything is built around their availability so it works out perfectly. There’s really no way to lose for these people. Online colleges are probably the best way to go.

Going to a traditional college would probably get in the way of an adult working full time, therefore making it impossible for him to afford to go to that college. But the online colleges allow everything to be built around you and when you can do something. There are no times when you have to show up for exams or certain lectures. You just log in to whatever site is necessary and do whatever work you have to do when you can do it. Again, online colleges are perfect for this.

Many of your friends simply didn’t go to online colleges because it isn’t aimed at them chiefly. It’s aimed at the working man who needs to still work to afford college. And those people are attracted to online colleges in droves.