The Benefits of Getting Your College Degree

Many of your relatives in your family probably didn’t go to college. They just graduated high school, if even that, and went straight into the working world of unskilled jobs and worked their way up from there. Hard work eventually paid off as you worked your way into higher level positions. But the world has greatly changed since the early to mid twentieth century. America has transformed and the old fashioned way of going straight into the unskilled world just doesn’t work anymore. You need your college degree.

America has transformed over the last couple decades to become much more of a service country. This has lowered the amount of unskilled jobs as our country doesn’t really make that many goods anymore, importing most of them in from other countries. One can’t simply quit school and invest in hard work for the rest of their lives. A college degree has become necessary to survive in the world today.

You can’t really find many high up people who have high paying jobs without a college degree. There are outliers like Bill Gates who dropped out of college but he had already developed his skills in computer programming so college was unnecessary. For most of us, college is here to bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood while also developing our talents and skills. You need to find what you’re good at and what you enjoy and major in that. That is how you get a job. Think of any kind of job you’d like to have and realize this: you probably need at least a Bachelor’s college degree to obtain it. You absolutely need it.

You also need to research if you have to go to graduate school to obtain a job such as a lawyer or doctor. A bachelor’s just isn’t enough for most jobs anymore, but without it there really isn’t much hope above manual labor. So get your college degree and greatly improve your chance of success.