Do people really care whether your degree is from an online university?

There are millions of people in this country and across the world who are receiving accredited online degrees. They may not have the time, money or resources to attend any place else. For any number of reasons, the online route may be the only one that works for them. But will it haunt you later, when you’re actually trying to use it to get a job or show your credentials?

Students these days are shelling out more money than ever to attend traditional universities and colleges and they fall into debt. Tuition keeps going up as does the cost of living on campus. That has caused many parents and students to seek out information on accredited online only degrees. They see places like the University of Phoenix advertise on TV and wonder if that’s the right route for them. Can their children actually get hired for a good, high paying job if they go somewhere like this?

Previously, many employers were skeptical of online degrees because they were just coming into existence and were not particularly regulated. Employers felt that these degrees were not reputable and did not hold weight compared to those of traditional schools. Before, most employers would rather take an average student from a normal college as opposed to a star student at DeVry.

These attitudes are mostly changing now, and most employers are coming to terms with the fact that degrees from online colleges are just as reputable as those from traditional schools.Ten years ago, if the question of whether a student should attend online college was posed, the answer would be a resounding no. However, attitudes have changed, and now a degree from an online college is as credible as that of a traditional four year university.