Accredited Online Degrees: Are They Viable in the Real World?

So you just graduated from an online college and you’re wondering what to do next. Do you just go into the real world or try to get some sort of recognition from a more traditional, well known college? It turns out that there are very varying opinions on the subject. The debates about accredited online degrees have fiercely raged on since the advent of online colleges little more than a decade ago. We can’t really get solid numbers on the subject as of now, but we’ll do our best to analyze the situation.

More Opinion on Accredited Online Degrees

There have been dissenting opinions about whether it is feasible to enter today’s working world with a degree from an online accredited college. Is it really enough? People who have enrolled in these colleges will staunchly stand by their school and say that it’s just as good as whatever other college is out there. They’ll say that it’s accredited and does what it’s supposed to. But what else are they going to say? And obviously the people that run these places or teach at them wouldn’t say something different. They’re invested in the places.

Accredited Online Degrees Not Worthy?

Many others from traditional universities have declared these degrees as not being worthy. They say that many of the students who attend these schools went through accelerated programs and add that the schools’ goals are not education but profit. If you focus on money at the cost of education, the opposite of what many schools do, how can you be getting the maximum out of your education? But again, what else would they say when confronted with this dilemma? Naturally they’re going to defend their institutions.

How Hiring Decisions are Made

However, the big opinion comes down to people who make hiring decisions in companies. There are conflicting reports out there, but it really seems to come down to the boss. Many of them don’t care where you went to school, just that you have a degree. But the higher the level of job, the more they seem to care about where you went to school. They’re probably not going to hire someone out of a college with no admission standards to have any kind of important position. If you couldn’t get into a decent school, why would anyone let you run their company? Others out there just won’t hire anyone for anything with just an accredited online degree of some sort, but that is rarer.

Accredited Online Degrees Stack Up

All in all, it probably depends on the specific boss or hiring manager to determine if your online degree is as valuable as a traditional one. Legally they’re not allowed to discriminate but really it’s their decision. So it really depends on the circumstances if your accredited online degree holds up.