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Very few individuals go on to pursue a doctorial degree, also known as a Ph.D. Those that do however, usually enjoy more notoriety and more respect in their field, as well as a sizable increase in earnings, than those who have earned lesser degrees.

A Ph.D. is unique in a few ways. First, it’s the highest degree an individual can earn in a particular area of study. And second, in most instances, it isn’t the type of degree that’ best earned online. That’s because earning a Ph.D. typically requires the student to collaborate with other professionals and complete an intensive research project; the work of which must be hands-on and original.

If your plan is to teach university level courses, an online Ph.D. probably won’t be a good option to pursue. But it’s definitely worth pursuing if you just want to expand your knowledge even further.

Although online learning options for master’s degree programs are limited, they do exist and interested students can usually find suitable options. Online programs seem to be a good fit for professionals who want to remain working, but at the same time, want to take on the challenges that completing a Ph.D. program presents. Individuals pursuing a Ph.D. typically work in the human services, public health, business, education, teaching, and psychology and counseling sectors.

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