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Online certificate programs are a great way to obtain additional, specialized training in a particular field. They can be used as a way to enhance job skills and even to prepare an individual for a brand new profession.

Interested individuals of every age will find certificates programs covering a variety of different fields including business, education, hospitality, health care, accounting, information technology, public safety, paralegal studies, arts, architecture, and more.

One thing to be aware of is that there are two types of certificate programs. One type is geared towards individuals who have already earned a degree. These are known as graduate certificate programs and are typically pursued by professionals wishing to advance their careers.

Undergraduate certificate programs, on the other hand, typically only require that the enrollee has a GED or high school diploma. It’s important to note, though, that these certificates won’t be recognized by any field that is different than the intended field of use. Also, unlike courses taken to fulfill the requirements for an associate’s degree, certificate degrees generally won’t transfer over to a university or college.

Completion of a certificate program typically requires less time than it takes to complete an undergraduate or graduate degree. Certificate program requirements can usually be completed in about a year, even while still holding down a job.

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