Online Bachelor’s Degree

The vast majority of students attending college pursue a Bachelor’s Degree. And that’s the same whether pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in a traditional institution or via a distance learning program. The number of credits required to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree is 120. If attending college full-time, the credit hours can be completed in about 4 years. It can take longer though, especially if attending part-time.

When you pursue a Bachelor’s Degree online, you don’t have any of the class availability or scheduling issues you might otherwise encounter at a traditional learning institution that could delay getting your degree. Fewer constraints make it easier to pursue an internship or job in your chosen field, both of which can give you an edge once you finish your degree and enter the workforce.

As far as price goes, it’s difficult to give a firm answer regarding the cost of a Bachelor’s Degree earned via distance learning versus one earned at a state or privately run college. There are no standards to compare. As you would when evaluating different colleges and degrees, whether online or traditional, you’ll have to first narrow your choices, and then compare the costs of each.

Online Schools (2)

Below please find's list of accredited Online Colleges. Click on the school of your choice and fill out the form to request free information.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Bachelor's degree programs:
  • Advertising (Bachelor's degree)
  • Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects (Bachelor's degree)
  • Apparel and Accessories Marketing Operations (Bachelor's degree)
  • Commercial Photography (Bachelor's degree)
  • Computer Graphics (Bachelor's degree)
Ottawa University Online Bachelor's degree programs:
  • Business Administration and Management, General (Bachelor's degree)
  • Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration (Bachelor's degree)
  • Health/Health Care Administration/Management (Bachelor's degree)
  • Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General (Bachelor's degree)
  • Human Services, General (Bachelor's degree)