Online Associate Degree

In about two years, you could have your Associate Degree. But if you’re motivated, you could earn it even sooner than that. To obtain an Associate Degree, students typically need to complete 60 credit hours of study in their chosen subject area. Business and science are both popular subject areas; however there are many others to choose from. Some students stop their schooling and move into the workforce after getting their Associate Degree. Others transfer the credits earned and continue pursuing a Bachelor’s program.

Distance learning is an excellent way for time-crunched students to complete their Associate Degree program credits. But the flexibility doesn’t end there. Students will find the credits they need to complete their degree requirements offered completely online, or via a distance learning program. Most online programs offer the opportunity to attend either part-time or full-time which makes finding a suitable class schedule so much easier.

Something to be aware of however, is cost. Depending on the state, it’ll probably cost more to complete an Associate Degree through an online program. But because community college costs vary among states, this isn’t always the case. This type of pricing variance doesn’t happen with online learning programs though. Remember, with distance learning, there aren’t any geographical boundaries. A blanket price strategy ensures that the cost of obtaining an Associate Degree online will be the same, regardless of where you live.

Online Schools (13)

Below please find's list of accredited Online Colleges. Click on the school of your choice and fill out the form to request free information.

  • Advertising (Bachelor's degree)
  • Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects (Bachelor's degree)
  • Apparel and Accessories Marketing Operations (Bachelor's degree)
  • Commercial Photography (Bachelor's degree)
  • Computer Graphics (Bachelor's degree)
Ottawa University Online Program offerings:
  • Business Administration and Management, General (Master's degree)
  • Business Administration and Management, General (Bachelor's degree)
  • Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration (Bachelor's degree)
  • Curriculum and Instruction (Master's degree)
  • Educational Administration and Supervision, Other (Master's degree)