Everyone Needs Some Help: Performing a Naviance College Search

The world is being shaped by technology in all facets of society. Medicine, economics, and engineering have all improved the quality of our lives with significant advancements in the fields providing a number of new developments which benefit society immeasurably. The educational process has also been highly advanced through the use of technology. Computers have allowed students to access a plethora of information which was not readily available, and they have connected people throughout all areas of the globe for an international community that spans continents. Another facet of education which has been improved through the implementation of technology is the process of searching for a school.

Traditional College Search Methods

Generally, before the advent of educational resources such as the Naviance college search, students would approach their guidance counselor for advice regarding their college choices and chances of acceptance to their desired schools. After this exploratory process, further research would be done towards their smaller list of colleges through college reference manuals published by organizations like College Board and by using the internet to compile information. The Naviance college search tool does not necessarily supplant these methods but it definitely serves as a useful addition towards these established college search techniques.

The Naviance College Search

Naviance is a company which provides educational services to schools, districts, and individual students. Once a school enrolls in their services, all of their student's college admissions activity is entered into the Naviance database. This data is available for other students to access and see what qualifications other graduates had when being accepted into various colleges. The data provided from this service gives students a great perspective into the statistics they must possess to get accepted to the college of their choice.

Naviance is not just useful for the college admissions data it provides. The application comes with course planning software, dedicated counselors which message students about their plans and progress, and set academic/personal goals for pupils. Once they enter high school, they are plugged into the network and chart a course for the goals they plan by setting their schedules, and the program gets updated with their grades and progress to allow students the ability to track their progress. The Naviance college search application and the broader services it provides is a great tool for enterprising students and schools to purchase for further help with achieving their educational goals.