The Internet: Providing a College Search Engine

Technology breaks the mold of tradition by providing new, exciting opportunities to advance the way in which tasks are performed and information is assembled. This phenomena is witnessed throughout all aspects of life, from the telephone allowing people in all areas of the world the power of communication amongst each other to the assembly line and factories propelling nations to unprecedented levels of productivity and industry. The field of education has also been affected by the advent of new technologies, namely the Internet.

College Search Engines Providing Information

Previously, before the creation and widespread use of the internet, there were only a few sources for information regarding a student's college search. A person could, coming out of high school, ask their advisor for help regarding their college choices or buy various informational materials which compiled information about colleges and universities. The internet offers many resources which allow students to use search engines to find the colleges they desire. It can be used to find different institutions including online schools and various brick and mortar schools.

Different Websites

There is a huge variety and quantity of web sites hosted on the Internet, and it can be difficult to sort through all the information provided by them. Just getting to the college search engines that are featured throughout the world wide web can be a hassle. In order to access the proper website, you need to know what sort of college information you are searching for.

Brick and Mortar Colleges

The difference between obtaining information for online schools and offline colleges is significant, in that some sites offer data on both, while others concentrate on one of the two. Brick and mortar schools, those located in a traditional campus setting and which include housing such as dormitories, and lecture halls that facilitate student learning, can be found through the use of various college search websites. Most college search engines afford prospective students the opportunity to browse schools based on criteria such as demographics, academic rankings, location, and social life.

Online Colleges

Online schools are searched for on a much more limited criteria, due to the limitations they face as far as interpersonal relationships with classmates and spatial positioning. This in no way demeans online colleges, but simply states that there are less characteristics potential students use to browse online schools since they will be attending from home and need not worry about location, student body, and other factors akin to traditional brick and mortar schools.