Advancing your Marketability: Try a Community College Search

There has been somewhat of a knock on community colleges which is baseless and states that simply attending community college will not boost your employment prospects. This is definitely not the truth and is simply a stereotypical viewpoint which is not grounded in fact. There is a wealth of data that supports the fact that community colleges certainly boost earnings potential. For example, according to the Census Bureau's Current Population Reports, earnings are boosted by around ten thousand dollars through earning an associate's degree relative to simply graduating high school.

The Transitions of the Economy

As stated numerous times in other articles and various publications, the American economy has been undergoing a huge transformation for years. It has been transitioning from one based largely off of manufacturing to one which is driven by services and requires a somewhat educated population to fuel its mechanisms. This is why the associate's degree is, in my opinion, becoming a necessary prerequisite for employment in a job that offers some opportunities for advancement. The associate's degree will soon become relative to a high school diploma, in that it will be the minimum qualification for entering competitive job markets. The skill-biased technological change of America requires more education from its population.

Conducting a Community College Search

Most people attend their local community colleges, since they feel that most community colleges are similar in terms of the quality of education and reputability of the school. They may be mistaken about this fact in some cases, however, depending on their plans for the future. If they plan to transfer to a four-year university after graduating they may want to conduct a more thorough community college search. Different universities have different attitudes towards the credits they allow to transfer from various community colleges, so it is important to find out the policies of the schools you hope to apply for after finishing community college.

Financing the Education

After you pick a community college through your search, it is important to scrape up the cash to pay for your education. One great program that most states have is a full ride through their community colleges for students who are in a certain top percentage of their high school class. Contact your state financial aid agency to learn more about this program, as well as other financial tools to ease the burden of paying for school.