Regional Success: College Search by State

Location, location, location. This phrase is the central tenet of real estate and specifies that a property in one area can be worth much more than the same exact home in another place. It also correlates to the fact that different areas are more receptive to different styles of housing; from the Southwest preferring Stucco adorned houses to New England pioneering the Cape Cod style of homes. A similar factor comes into play when speaking about education in that location is a very pertinent and considered aspect of choosing a college.


Employers Think Locally

When selecting choices for potential colleges, it is generally important to perform a college search by state, and take geographic areas in account similarly to the way employers do. You have to take into account the feelings and biases of employers in conjunction with your own preferences for a school. Equate their bias' to your own. If you are a sports fan, you can probably recite the names of all the players on your favorite team, but find it much harder to name the roster of one on the other side of the country which hasn't made the playoffs in awhile. Employers work in the same vein of thinking by being more knowledgeable about the better colleges in their geographic area than those outside of it. Therefore, it is important to consider where you wish to live and work, and perform your college search by state to attend the best schools in that area. Employers will also take time out to recruit students from their area, since it helps the immediate community and makes for good public relations.

The Actual College Search by State

First it is important to decide what career you are interested in pursuing. Once this is figured out, do some research as to the locations where these careers are flourishing the most. This information can be obtained through federal job surveys, or simply calling some companies within the field throughout different areas. After finding the best location for your needs, it is important to choose the college that matches the characteristics you wish from a school. Decide what kind of atmosphere you wish to live within; one of a school which contains a storied sports background or a more stoic educational system which focuses solely on the scholarly aspect of college.