Seeking an Education: College Search by Major

Education can be the path to freedom, allowing a person the opportunity to work in a field of their choice, satisfying themselves towards a life of happiness. Studies, particularly one undertaken by the United States Census Bureau titled "The Big Payoff: Educational Attainment and Synthetic Estimates of Work-Life Earnings," show that a college education directly correlates with an increase in lifetime earnings. The study demonstrated that the work-life discrepancy in earnings between college and high school graduates equates to around nine hundred thousand dollars. A typical work-life is estimated at forty years, which when broken down to a yearly earnings increase shows a $22,500 earnings increase yearly with a college education.

This tangible benefit of education will surely drive a large percentage of the population to choose the path of college over other employment prospects or money making activities. Simply, however, picking a college to attend and enroll within sounds easy enough, but what factors should be addressed when seeking a school? Performing a college search by major of choice is the premiere method of choosing a college that will bring prestigious results and success in your field of study based on the school's reputation within the major.

Picking That Major

It is one thing to say that when choosing a college, one should perform their search according to their major of choice, but it is another to actually decide upon a major to pursue. One way that can be quite easy, depending on your efforts in high school and concentration towards the courses, is to think about the courses you took previously. Have any of them interested you? If so, you may want to engage within a curriculum that expands upon the concepts learned throughout high school in the subject.

If thinking about old high school courses and reminiscing about what sparked your interest doesn't work, think of the activities you like to do for pleasure. Many hobbies can branch off into careers that are directly or indirectly related to them. For example, if you like to play basketball but don't have NBA prospects, you can pursue a career within different fields associated with sports such as sports marketing, physical therapy, and sports medicine.

Once you decide on a major, partake in a college search by that major and find the optimal educational setting for your goals and social standards to enjoy your scholarly experience further.