Linking Education and Advancement: College and Career Search

Throughout the economy's business cycles the unemployment rate fluctuates in accordance with the highs and lows of the economy. Generally when there is a recession the first employees to feel the squeeze of layoffs are those with low skills because it is easier to hire workers for jobs that require less knowledge. This is the sad reality of a free market system, but there are steps that everyone can take to protect themselves from the uncertainties of the market. The best way to protect yourself from the uncertainties of the economy is to conduct a college and career search to seek higher education and a career which is less susceptible to the nuances of the market.

Planning for College: Traditionally

Most people will say a number of criteria which should be used to choose a college to attend. First and foremost, the quality of the education is the primary factor that should be addressed. In order to assess educational quality, as with any other criteria, it is important to use statistics and facts rather than simple word of mouth. Using school rankings by established agencies or publications with knowledge of the education industry is a good tool to gauge a school's pedigree.

After narrowing your list of schools by their educational reputation, there are other factors which should be considered. The college's location and culture should be the next issues to decide upon. Some people find themselves comfortable in a large city, exposed to a wide diversity of cultures, people, and lifestyles. Cities also provide a myriad amount of opportunities for entertainment such as night clubs, theatre, and art among other things. Other people may feel more comfortable in a more secluded area with the traditional college experience; a large sports program, and a significant Greek culture.

Planning for College: Now

The traditional college planning style works for most people and they will likely become successful in their endeavors, however, extra steps should be added to the college search to ensure achievement. College planning should, if possible, be done in conjunction with your career choice. If a student can pick the career they wish to pursue, they can research which schools are the best for said profession, and be better off after graduating. Use college rankings to research their qualifications throughout various majors, as well as calling established companies in the industry. Ask the companies which degrees they value the most, and the colleges which they recruit most from. All these elements combined will make for a successful college and career search.