Schooling for the Lord: Christian College Search

Christian colleges separate themselves from secular schools, of course, by being religiously affiliated and disassociating themselves from the principles of the separation of church and state within public schools. However, they add another dimension to college, which was so succinctly and eloquently stated by Doug Jacobsen (a professor of theology at Messiah College) as "They exist not merely to educate students, but to inspire them with a sense of hope and courage that will positively influence everything they do." The calling of all religions is to live for a higher purpose above yourself and this principle should be inherent within a Christian college. If your Christian college search yields school which do not inspire their students to look towards the future and the improvement of the condition of all men and women, perhaps it is not the optimal fit for you.

Factors to Consider

When performing a search for non-secular colleges, one factor to consider is the level with which they are involved with your religion. Obviously, different people are more or less connected to their religion, and it is imperative to choose a school which holds the same level of commitment to religion as you do. Many religious people are also interested in performing missionary work to try and improve the lives of people throughout the world by introducing them to the glory of the lord. Attending a religious school, however, does not mean you must sacrifice entertainment and partying as many people believe. There are a number of religiously-affiliated colleges that are known as party schools such as Boston College and Notre Dame.

Different Colleges

Religious colleges are not only available as the conventional institutions which contain dormitories, lecture halls, and face to face interaction between people. Some online colleges are also based in the tenets of a religion, allowing those students who wish to study on their own time and save money doing it to learn at a religious college. One thing to pay attention to regarding your Christian college search is the church which has accredited a college, or what various religious organizations have said about the school to gauge their commitment to remaining a Christian college, rather than leaning towards secularity or vice versa.