Do Your Professors Know Who You Are?

Once you have finally made it to college you are likely thinking that you want to do your best, get straight A’s, make all new friends, and make sure these are the most successful four to five years of your life. Although these are all important there is one aspect of college that students tend to leave out and that is getting to know your professors. You have to remember these are people who have lived and breathed in the field you are about to study, so who better to befriend than your professors?

Take it easy

After your first class with each professor, you should send an E-mail to each of them informing them that you are looking forward to the impending semester. Leave it at that until you need help in the class. Some students like to take it too far and start with questions right off the bat. How often will we use our books? Should we bring our books to class? How much reading will there be? How often will you give tests? Where did you grow up? Are you married? Ok, maybe those last two questions were an exaggeration, but you get the point. Keep it to a minimum at first, and start the process of getting to know them and vice versa slowly throughout the semester.

No one likes a teacher’s pet

Try to keep your questions modest in class and maybe if you have some that really only pertain to you, wait until after class or send an E-mail. You do not want to be the student who takes up all of the class’ time with question and the one who the other students will roll their eyes at when they see you have a question. If you want to be a teacher’s pet and make sure he/she likes you the most do not do this while class is in session. Do it through E-mails and meetings, but don’t be too obvious about it because surprisingly enough, teachers don’t even like teacher’s pets.You want your professors to know who you are and to be willing to help you at any time of the day or week. Good luck!


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