New School Year, New Gadgets, What is New in Technology for 2011?

The field of electronics and technology is improving at an incredibly fast pace. Computers have triple the processing power that they did just a few years ago. Remember when it took five minutes to download a song and you were happy to have it? Those times are gone; now you can have a whole album in that amount of time due to the advent of Broadband Internet. The benefits of a computer and its technology have become portable with the invention of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The new school year in 2011 comes with a host of gadgets that can help your college or university experience.
1. MacBook Air - Apple continuously creates products that are virtually unmatched from an aesthetic and design aspect. Many people have become dedicated Apple consumers due to their attachment to the brand and its savvy engineering. Some have, however, criticized Apple's products as being too pricy for the specifications that come with them. The new MacBook Air should stop these criticisms as it is priced at an entry-level of $999 and includes significant computing power along with solid-state memory which erases the dangers of movable parts to your data.
2. Livescribe smartpen - This is a great tool for college students. The Livescribe smartpen has a microprocessor and an audio recorder which combine to record all of your notes and the sounds heard during your classes. You will never miss some important piece of information your professor says again. The pen is quite pricy, but is well worth the investment if you are a diligent note taker. The 2 gigabyte storage model costs $149.95.
3. Touchscreen monitors - This does not refer to a specific company's product but the entire genre of touchscreen monitors. Recently, touchscreen monitors have been drastically reduced in price. They are incredibly convenient gadgets which allow you to manipulate objects on your computer screen with ease. These monitors can be had for $200 at the lower price ranges. They are cool gadgets that may make your computing endeavors easier.
4. eReader - If you are a college student who likes to read books, magazines, or any form of printed material, than an eReader is the device for you. It allows you to store thousands of books or other pieces of literature in the comfort of a small device that can easily fit in your backpack or purse. There are many varieties and brands of eReaders but the most popular and reliable ones are the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook. The Kindle and Nook both retail for $139. The second generation of the Nook, Nook Color, has a color display and full internet browsing capabilities. This makes it more than just an eReader and essentially a tablet PC priced much cheaper than other tablets. It retails for $249.
5. Noise Cancelling Headphones - Whether you want to block out distractions to study, or simply want to jam out to some tunes, noise cancelling headphones are the way to go. These devices have come down dramatically in price. You can now get near-studio quality sound for under $100.


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