Should You Walk for Graduation?

You have probably not given much thought to whether you want to walk or have your diploma mailed to you. Your main thought up until this point was likely, “I cannot wait to graduate college…period”. There are some pros and cons to both experiences, but students need to do what is best for them and maybe consider family members when making the decision. It can be hard thinking ahead of your next exam, but give your graduation plans some thought before the day finally arrives.

How do You Feel?

Do you feel like it is necessary to walk in order to get your diploma? The truth us, schools generally hand out fake diplomas, which I have dubbed “difauxmas (di-fo-muhs)”. You sit through the ceremony whith several thousand people and wait for your name to be called. You walk up, grab your piece of paper and walk back to your seat only to have to return to campus in several months to pick up your actual diploma. If you are lucky your school will be kind enough to mail it to you. See how your loves ones feel and if they are fine with you receiving it in the mail, you may want to consider saving yourself those hours. But if this is something you have long dreamt of doing, walking really is a wonderful feeling.

Money, Money, Money

How much it costs to graduate is up to the schools, but when you break it all down it costs more money to walk than if you skipped out on the ceremony. There is usually a fee just to graduate and then there are the cap and gown fees. This can tack on an extra $200 - $300 onto your already expensive college bills. Students may find this a waste of money that would look better in a savings account than in their schools’ pockets, but this is personal matter that only the student can choose. Some parents may guilt their children into walking, but those are many hours spent watching everyone else graduate and mere seconds watching you graduate. Consider these issues when making your decision. Good luck and congratulations.


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