Using your College’s Health Center

Preparation is Key to Maintaining Health

Unfortunately for citizens of the United States and people all over the world, almost everyone will inevitably suffer from some ill bouts of health in their lives. The body has a very well crafted immune system that deters most threats to our livelihood, but it can also sometimes fail in protecting us. When this happens, it is very important to be prepared for whatever disease or malady afflicts you. This can be done through many different methods that will ensure that you get healthy sooner. You may not know what afflictions will hurt you, but you can prepare for a slew of possible ones. As General Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, "Plans are nothing; planning is everything."

Colleges are an Environment Conducive to Diseases

Attending a college or university can be a great experience for most students as they bond with each other and can build relationships that last for years. This bonding can happen across many different areas including crowded basement parties and congested dorm rooms. These places can be breeding grounds for bacteria as there are so many students together. If one person becomes sick with something, it can easily spread to the other people in the place as they are in close contact with each other. Because of these facts, it is important to be prepared for a potential illness that can strike.

How to Be Prepared in Case of Medical Problems

The best way to treat a medical problem is to do so before the problem actually occurs. What this means is that before you actually are diagnosed with some sort of problem, you should have basic medical supplies to treat certain things. These should be with you at your place of residence in a place that is easy to reach and hard to forget. Head to your local pharmacy and purchase a first aid kit. These kits contain supplies such as bandages, pain medicine, disinfectant, and gauze and usually cost less than twenty dollars.

Why Attend a College Health Center

While you can prepare for illnesses and maladies, sometimes the limited medical supplies you have are not enough to diagnose or treat whatever you have. This is when, as a college or university student, your college health center comes into play. Some things that can be reasons for attending a college health center include:

• Primary care - Most college health centers are equipped with doctors and have the resources to serve as your primary care physician. This means you can go to them for routine checkups and for relatively low-risk illnesses like a cold or flu.
• Sexual Transmitted Infection Testing - Most college health centers provide testing for sexually transmitted infections to their students for free or low cost.
• Immunizations - While college health centers will not have all of the immunizations you may require, they stock many standard immunization shots.
• Allergy Injections - Many college health centers can also offer allergy injections to students, usually for a small extra fee.


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