Top 5 Energy Drinks

Students are always low on sleep and in high on work, but there is a way to beat this dilemma that students have been turning to for quite a few years now. It is not a great alternative to sleep or even a good one, but sometimes students need that extra boost to help them get ahead or finish a few assignments on time. As a college student myself I have always felt the urge to stay up later and wake up earlier so I could get more work done and study until my mind was fried. The following is a list of energy drinks from best to worst according to my own experience.

1. 5-hour Energy – This is a small shot that contains as much caffeine as one cup of coffee. It has vitamins and minerals and contains no sugar. Because it does not contain sugar many do not experience a crash.

2. Red Bull Energy Shot – This shot has 25 calories and is literally a small dose of Red Bull. It gives you a boost of energy and also contains about as much caffeine as one cup of coffee.

3. Monster – Monster energy drinks are served in rather large containers and can really help students stay up for long periods of time if sipped periodically. It should not be downed right away because it is so big. A great perk is thegreat tasting flavors offered such as grape and orange. They are offered in 16oz sizes all the way to 32oz sizes.

4. Red Bull (Sugar free) – Sugar free Red Bull is a better alternative to the traditional Red Bull. The lack of sugar decreases the chance of a crash which could make you even more tired in the end. Consuming fewer calories is always a good idea as well since college students are not the healthiest eaters.

5. Rockstar – Rockstar is also a large energy drink that should be consumed over time. The flavors are not as appealing as Monster but they do serve the purpose and are great for keeping you awake when you have nothing left to study with. 

It is always best to get the right amount of sleep, but sometimes students need to rely on energy drinks. Any one of these is a great choice, but do what you can to make your sleep pattern more beneficial for your energy needs.



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