Top 10 Party Schools

When some students are looking at schools they want to know about the education and whether or not they are going to be challenged by the curriculum. When other students look they want to know where the best parties are taking place so they can get in on the action. If you desire to go to a party school you should at least do some research first so you know where the best of the best parties will be. The following will give you a list of the top ten party schools in the US.

1. University of Georgia
2. Ohio University
3. Penn State
4. West Virginia University
5. University of Mississippi
6. University of Texas at Austin
7. University of Florida
8. University of California – Santa Barbara
9. University of Iowa
10. DePauw University

If none of these schools peak your interests you might want to do a little more research, but considering these schools are actually good academically as well, you might not need to look any further. There is so much to look for in a school like academics and the type of students who attend. But if all of you are looking for is a school that will throw an amazing party and still want to party more, these might be your schools.

Keep in mind you want to get an education in college. You do not want to pay for beer pong and flip cup because that just sounds juvenile. Make sure you are going to these schools for the right reasons and not just to party. You are going to do what you want anyway, but try to get the best education possible because you only get one shot at college. You can always transfer if you realize the students that attend party schools are not exactly in your league. But you do not want to be put in that position so check out other aspects of the schools before committing to it because the parties sound like something you would like to attend. Good luck on your research and remember to research all aspects of the schools. Take a visit as well so you know exactly where you will be headed in September.


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