The End of Summer, The Start of School

The end of most students' favorite season is almost at hand, and surely many students are frustrated by this fact, but it is an inevitability that time will pass and seasons will change. The summer is a time for students to either relax or continue in their professional and educational endeavors, depending on their preferences.

Summer Jobs and Classes

Many students will choose to take up employment in the summer or shore up their credit load by enrolling in some summer courses. This is a smart decision and should be strongly encouraged. The job taken should, preferably, be something related to your major. It can be added to your resume and also provide valuable work experience in the field you are studying. The money earned through a summer job will make the burden of living away from your family and their resources less stressful.

Taking a summer class is also a smart endeavor for some students. There are generally two situations which make it the proper choice to enroll within summer courses. One of these is if a student is double majoring or wants to limit the number of classes they take during the school year for an easier educational experience. Many people, for instance, who are double majoring cannot finish the program in four years without taking summer or winter classes. Adding an extra year or semester to your college education also adds a significant cost which can be mitigated by taking summer classes. Another reason to take courses during the summer or winter is that they may be better in terms of the professor teaching it or the difficulty level.

Relaxing During the Summer

Students who have the opportunity and ability to use the summer as a time to relax between their years of college may want to take advantage of it. This should, however, be done in summers prior to the one after your junior year. This is because students should start looking for internships by that time with an eye towards their future careers.

Another Year of School

Finally, regardless of how you spent your summer, it is time to go back to college. This is a time of mixed feelings for most students. Take advantage of the time you have in school, learn as much as possible and experience all you can.>


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