Text Book Alternatives

Students are more strapped for cash than ever before. Not only do they have less money, cost of being a student is on the rise. Tuition is up, cost of living is up and one of the most importantly, text books are up in price. Currently the majority of the students are still buying their textbooks in the campus bookstore; some savvy students are looking for alternatives that could save them a little dough.

Just like with everything else, students are now turning to the internet to find a solution to their current economic woes. In addition to buying text books online, there are ways of renting, sharing and downloading e-versions of the very same text book for free or for a fraction of the cost.

Course instructors are on the same page (no pun intended).

Knowing full well that text book prices are creating a problem for students, instructors are doing what they can to help. Instructors are now rethinking their course outlines and requiring text books that have alternative (more affordable) counterparts available online. Some instructors are getting used to the idea liking the speed at which new editions are becoming available to students online.

What is the future for traditional Text Books?

At this point it is hard to say whether text books will suffer an ultimate death. There are some educators that believe that a certain level of retention is achieved through the act of reading a text book. On the contrary, without affordability, it may be that the digital versions of text books and other educational materials will be the future of education.


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