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21. Tips for Taking Online Courses

Taking classes online is becoming more and more popular with the hectic schedules people seem to have. Online courses are the best way to keep your own schedule, do what you need to do, and receive a college education at the same time. This is multitasking at its best! Students should not just dive right in and start taking any courses that sound like an easy A.

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By John Brower
Tags: Online Classes, Tips, accredited, Courses, Work, Easy A, Regimented, Electives
22. Senior Year High School

Your senior year is a special time and one you do not want to mess up. Keep your grades up and prepare for college. The more you do now the better off you will be when it comes time for your first semester. Enjoy the ride!

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By Donna Bradford
Tags: Senior year, high school, graduate, transcripts, college, campus, job, work, assignments, Dean, Provost

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