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1. 4 Tips to Faster Working

We would all like to get more done in our day and fortunately there is a way for us to do that by simply adding in a few things and taking out others. It seems like no matter how much we accomplish in any given day, there is always more to do the following day. This is also very true for weekends and as a recent college student, I know the importance of getting everything done during the week so you can have some sort of weekend to recoup for the following week.


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By John Troit
Tags: work, tv, time, goals
2. 3 Tips to Time Management

We could all use some extra time is our days, but the problem is time is not very accommodating. You have to work your schedule to optimize your time, but there always seems to be a shortage on this very important part of the day. As a recent college student, I have found some interesting ways to make sure you get the most out of your days and maybe make it possible to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend before the hectic schedule begins again. 

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By Brook Meller
Tags: time management, work, lists, get ahead, music, phone, tv
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